(Revised February 22, 1991)


It being evident from a steady decline of the popular celebration of the National Holidays of the United States of America, that popular concern in the events and the men of the War of the Revolution is gradually declining, and that such lack of interest is attributable, not so much to the lapse of time and the rapidly increasing flood of immigration from foreign countries, as to the neglect, on the part of the descendants of Revolutionary heroes, to perform their duty in keeping before the public mind the memory of the services of their ancestors and of the times in which they lived; therefore, the Society of the Sons of the Revolution has been instituted to perpetuate the memory of the men, who in the military, naval and civil service of the Colonies and of the Continental Congress by their acts or counsel, achieved the independence of the country, and to further the proper celebration of the anniversaries of the birthday of Washington, and of prominent events connected with the War of the Revolution; to collect and secure for preservation the rolls, records, and other documents relating to that period; to inspire the members of the Society with the patriotic spirit of their forefathers; to promote the feeling of friendship among them.


Purposes and Name of Society

For these same purposes, this State Society has been organized under the name, style and title of SOCIETY Of The SONS Of The REVOLUTION, In The STATE Of TENNESSEE.



SECTION A (Eligibility):

Any person of good character and a descendent of one who, as a military, naval, or marine officer, soldier, sailor or marine, in actual service, under the authority of the thirteen Colonies or States of the Continental Congress, and remaining always loyal to such authority, or a descendent of one who signed the Declaration of Independence, or of one who, as a member of the Continental Congress or of the Congress of any of the Colonies or States, or as an official appointed by or under the authority of any such legislative bodies, actually assisted in the establishment of American Independence by services rendered during the War of the Revolution, becoming thereby liable to conviction of treason against the Government of Great Britain, but always remaining loyal to the authority of the Colonies or States, shall be eligible for membership in the Society.

SECTION B (Classes of Membership):

(1) Any male person who has attained age 21 shall be eligible for ADULT membership. Adult members shall be designated as follows: (a) Active; (b) Life; (c) Senior; (d) Inactive; or such other classifications as the Board of Managers from time to time may designate.

(2) Any male person who has not attained age 21 shall be eligible for JUNIOR membership. Upon attaining age 21, a Junior member shall accede automatically to Adult membership and have all the benefits, privileges and responsibilities of an Adult member.

SECTION C (Definitions of Designated Classes):

(1) ACTIVE members shall be those Adult members who pay dues currently;

(2) LIFE members shall be those Adult members who have paid in full the Life member stipend as determined by the Board of Managers;

(3) SENIOR members shall be those Adult members who shall have attained age 75 and who have paid dues continuously for at least 25 years;

(4) INACTIVE members shall be those Adult members who are on a current dues-paying basis but who are two or more years in arrears in payment of their dues. In the event the board of Managers shall authorize the establishment of another membership classification, the Board shall provide a definition of such new classification.

SECTION D (Voting Rights of Members):

Only Active, Life and Senior Adult members shall be accorded the privilege of voting on matters which come before the general membership.



The Officers of this Society shall be a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Registrar, a Treasurer and a Chaplain, who shall be chosen from among the members in good standing, by a majority of voters present at every annual meeting.

Elected officers shall serve until the election and induction of their successors.


Board of Managers

The Board of Managers shall not be less than sixteen (16) in number, namely; President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, Chaplain, and the Immediate Past President, Ex Officio; and nine (9) or more members who shall be chosen by a majority of voters present at every annual meeting from among the members of the Society. Presidents of auxiliary Chapters shall be Ex-Officio members also.

The Board shall have the power to fill vacancies occurring in its numbers.


Admission of Members

Every application for membership shall be made in writing, subscribed by the applicant and approved by two members over their signatures. Applications shall contain or be accompanied by proof of eligibility, and such applications and proofs shall be submitted to the Board of Managers, who shall have full power to determine the qualifications of the applicant.

Payment of initiation fees and subscription to the declaration required by the Constitution of this Society shall be prerequisites for membership.



Every member shall declare upon honor that he will endeavor to promote the Constitution and Bylaws of this Society, and, if he be a citizen of the United States, shall declare that he will support the Constitution of the United States. Such declaration shall be in writing and subscribed to by the member making it.


Organization of Chapters

It shall be the purpose of the Society to assist in organizing auxiliary Chapters throughout its jurisdiction. Not more than one Chapter shall be in any one County.

The Board of Managers shall have the authority to recognize any auxiliary Chapter when at least twenty-five (25) members of the Society living in the County where the auxiliary is to be established apply to the Board of Managers for recognition as such a Chapter.


Subjects Prohibited

No questions involving religious doctrine, or the party politics of the day within the United States, shall ever be discussed or considered in any meeting of this Society.



It shall be a standing regulation that the members shall, when practicable, hold a commemorative celebration, and dine together at least once every year.



The Seal of the Society shall be identical with or similar to the Seal used by the General Society, Sons of the Revolution.



The Society shall have an insignia, which shall be a badge suspended from a ribbon by a ring of gold; the badge to be elliptical in form, with escalloped edges, one and one-quarter inches in length, and one and one-eighth inches in width; the whole surmounted by a gold eagle, with wings displayed inverted; on the obverse side, a medallion of gold in the center, elliptical in form, bearing on its face the figure of a soldier in Continental uniform, with musket slung; beneath, the figures 1775; the medallion surrounded by thirteen raised gold stars of five points each upon a border of dark blue enamel. On the reverse side, in the center, a medallion corresponding in form to that on the obverse, and also in gold, bearing on its face the Houdon portrait of Washington in bas-relief, encircled by the legend, "Sons of the Revolution"; beneath, the figures 1883; and on the reverse of the eagle the number of the badge to be engraved; the medallion to be surrounded by a plain gold border, conforming in dimensions to the obverse; the ribbon shall be dark blue, ribbed and watered, edged with buff, one and one-quarter inches wide, and one and one-half inches in displayed length.

The insignia of the Society may be worn by the members on all occasions when they assemble as such for any stated purpose or celebration; it shall be carried conspicuously on the left breast, but members who are or have been officers of the Society may wear the insignia suspended from a ribbon around the neck.

The Treasurer of the Society shall procure and issue the insignia to the members, and shall keep a record of all issued by him. Such insignia shall be returned to the Treasurer of the Society by any member who may formally withdraw, or resign, or be expelled, but otherwise it shall be deemed an heirloom.

On occasions when the members assemble as such for any stated purpose or celebration, they may wear, in lieu of the insignia, a rosette of the prescribed ribbon and pattern in the upper button hole on the left lapel of the coat. The treasurer shall procure and issue the rosettes to the members.



The Constitution of this Society shall be subject to amendment only in the following manner:

(a) Any member may propose an amendment to this Constitution by presenting the proposed amendment in written form at any meeting of the Society or any meeting of the Board of Managers. No vote or other formal action shall be necessary at the meeting at which the proposed amendment is presented.

(b) The proposed amendment shall receive the favorable vote of at least three-fourths (3/4) of members present at any regular or special meeting of the Society held at least thirty days after the presentation of the proposed amendment in the manner prescribed in paragraph (a) of this Article. No proposed amendment shall be voted on by the Society at any meeting, either regular or special, unless the notice of such a meeting shall contain a statement that a proposed amendment to the Constitution is to be considered at said meeting. No proposed amendment that is duly voted on as herein provided at a meeting of the Society and fails to receive the minimum vote required for adoption, shall again be voted on by the Society unless and until presented again in the manner prescribed in paragraph (a) of this Article.