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A Brief History

Following the organization of the Society of the Sons of the Revolution in New York on

February 22, 1876, similar Societies were formed in several of the States, and finally a

national organization was perfected on April 19, 1890, under the name of The General

Society of the Sons of the Revolution, with headquarters in New York City. The

General Society embraces the various State organizations, and the objects,

government, work and requirements for all the Societies are the same. The Society is

now well established in the various States.

The Tennessee Society was organized on November 24, 1894, at Knoxville, with much

enthusiasm on the part of the fifteen charter members, namely:

James Van Debenture         John D. Caldwell

Harper L. Chamberlain        Chas. W. Hudson

F.F. Van Deventer               O.P. Temple

Horace Van Deventer          Joshua Holbrook

H.F. Van Deventer               Henry Hudson

W.P. Chamberlain               Hazen House

Joshua W. Caldwell            W.P. Washburn

Geo. W. Henderson      

The objects of The Society are described in the preamble to the Constitution, a study

of which is commended to all members of the Society.